Envitech Solutions (Pty) Ltd and Envitech Consulting (Pty) Ltd are professional engineering consulting companies focussing on sustainable technologies and projects in the environmental, waste management and mining sectors.

Envitech Projects (Pty) Ltd is a construction and project management company through which design and construct solutions, and the long term operation and maintenance of facilities, are offered.

Envitech’s offices are located in Northmead, Benoni (Gauteng) and Kloof, Durban (Kwa-Zulu Natal), South Africa. With an international network of technology partners and associated companies, projects are undertaken locally and internationally.

Envitech is a B-BBEE Level 1 Company

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Our Services

  • Integrated waste management solutions : Recycling, composting, anaerobic digestion and thermal treatment
  • Waste-to-energy
  • Landfill engineering including site selection, design, licensing and construction supervision
  • Geosynthetic lining systems
  • Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) for liner installations
  • Landfill gas investigations, assessments and monitoring
  • Landfill gas extraction and flaring & landfill gas-to-electricity installations
  • Carbon Emission Reduction and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project facilitation & administration
  • Leachate management and treatment
  • Industrial clean-ups and remediation
  • Mine waste management, closure and rehabilitation
  • Mine pollution control systems
  • Environmental monitoring – soil, air and water
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Engineer, Procure and Construction (EPC) Services
  • Long-term operations and maintenance for established facilities

Landfill Engineering

Compliance with legislation governing the treatment and disposal of waste requires extensive expertise and experience in modern sanitary landfill engineering. This expertise must cover the total life cycle of modern engineered landfills, from site selection studies, detailed design and licensing, through to closure and rehabilitation design and post-closure monitoring.

Geomembrane Lining Systems

Cost-effective strategies are needed to minimise the potential for pollution. These strategies include the design and installation of lining systems using a variety of geosynthetic materials and geocomposites for landfill basal liners, the closure and rehabilitation of landfills and tailings dams, heap leach systems, and storage lagoons for effluent, hazardous waste and chemicals.

Construction Quality Assurance – CQA

The objective of CQA is to ensure that a lining system is installed according to the technical specifications, with the best possible workmanship, and within the constraints of budget and schedule. CQA services are provided independently from the manufacturer, installer and owner.

Leak detection services are provided, post installation, to ensure that the final installed liner system has not been compromised in any way due to construction activities. Both permanent and temporary electronic systems can be used to monitor leak detection.

Landfill Gas

Landfill gas management systems include gas yield modeling, gas monitoring, gas extraction and flaring systems, and landfill gas-to-electricity systems. Alternative uses for landfill gas are investigated to offer the appropriate use option such as thermal energy for kilns and boilers, or electricity generation using reciprocating engines and generators.

Design, Construct & Operate

Design and construct solutions are provided by the Envitech Group including feasibility studies through to design, procurement, installation, operation and maintenance of facilities on a long term basis.

Carbon Emission Reductions

As waste treatment and waste-to-energy projects divert wastes from landfill, and landfill gas-to-electricity projects involve the destruction of methane, they result in the avoidance or reduction of carbon emissions. Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects result in the generation of tradeable Certified Emission Reductions (CER’s).


Waste-to-energy plants allow industry to minimise the amount of waste to be disposed of to landfill. They also facilitate the generation of electricity for their own requirements. Any surplus electricity can be supplied to the local grid.

Biogas plants utilising both solid and liquid organic wastes can generate significant volumes of biogas which can be utilised to provide thermal and electrical energy. The resultant residues can be used as soil conditioners or used to manufacture compost or organic fertilisers.

Integrated Waste Management

Envitech supports the integrated waste management approach, including waste minimisation, treatment and recycling. Integrated waste management or treatment systems are available, in modular format or as complete systems, depending on specific requirements.

Mine Waste Management

The environmental impact of mining operations can be significant. Proper engineering design of mine waste management, rehabilitation and pollution control systems is a pre-requisite for the approval and issue of mining and water-use licenses. Envitech Projects offers a complete engineer, design and construct (EPC) solution to mining clients.

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